Conduct an Evaluation and Value Analysis

An appraisal answers one or more specifc questions about a real estate parcel's value, marketability, usefulness or suitability for its current use or an alternative use.

Our professional real estate appraisers offer a menu of services to you, which can assist you in various decisions about a variety of property types.

We subscribe to USPAP - the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice developed by the Appraisal Standards Board of The Appraisal Foundation.

Our most common assignments include development of an opinion of market value.

However, we also have special training and experience in a wide range of additional appraisal services - from investment consultation to advice on various business enterprises, as well as personal financial decisions.

Facilitate sale/purchase of real property.

Assist prospective SELLERS determine acceptable selling prices.

Assist prospective BUYERS decide on offering prices.

Establish a basis for exchange or reorganization of real property interests or for merging the ownership of multiple properties.

And For Other Purposes ...

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Formulate a Marketing Plan

We're paid on your satisfaction, so we hold ourselves accountable to deliver on the price we recommend.

We start with a walk through to identify your home's selling features and suggest improvements that could lift your price.

Show you what comparable homes sold for and estimate demand in your neighborhood.

We'll recommend a target price, plus develop a specialized Marketing Plan for how to get it.

On Your Side ...

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Implement and Execute the Plan

When your ready to take the next step, we would appreciate the opportunity to represent you in your real estate purchase, sale or lease.

We start with a personal discussion to identify your needs and the features you beleive are most important to you in your new home.

We can recommend neighborhoods and listings, or undertake research to find homes you like and that meet your needs.

We can schedule tours, get in fast, or arrange for a member of the team to jump in and help, so you're always represented.

We're paid on your satisfaction, so we'll inform you on what you really need to know about each home choice, and at times even suggest when to walk away.

No Committment Needed ...

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Advocate and Negotiate

Find a place you like? We're available to you day or night, seven days a week.

We can assist in evaluating the pros and cons of making an offer.

Provide market research on nearby transactions.

Help you decide how much to offier.

Contact local lenders and enhance preparedness to increase your offer's credibility with prospective sellers.

If ready to move forward, we can present your offer in person to help you "WIN" the sale.

We'll be with you every step of the way, providing feedback and guidance on the accuracy of the paperwork to get you to close. And if needed be there with you at closing.

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